Het Folks! i spent thursday Walking around Park Slope, in search of sidewalk space. i’m helping to set up Make Music New York – a yearly festival of outdoor concerts on June twentyfirst. right now restaurants and shop owners, and Musicians and bands can sign up to either have music in front of their store or to play outside on June twentyfirst. i like being the surveyor of a Realm, if only for a few hours.

Bury Me A Lion @ Make Music New York 2009

Bury Me A Lion @ Make Music New York 2009

these people aren’t happy when you first walk in with a clip board and a running mouth, but automatic Resistance gives way to skeptical Discernment as they realize that the festival is actually free and i’m not asking for money. then there is excitement and wrappingtheirheadsaroundit conversation.

point is, i’m out there putting Tupelo Honey into our Communal Coffee (and i dont even like coffee). do you like to play outside? then Sign up for june 21st: http://timeoutny.com/makemusic

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