WITH A SHORT TIME DELAY: i’m traveling by Bus down to DC for this Restoring Sanity/Fear Rally. i’ll be the man in full Hunter S Thompson Garb and Spirit, harassing the normies with Hallucinatory Banter, documenting the folks who are making sure this is the Low Water Mark of the American Dream.

but enough of this Talk – there is urgent news to discuss, the Baobabs name change in fact – no longer must you pretend to remember our hardly pronounceable Designation. now we go by BIG MOSEY – think bearded and barefoot Giants drifting across the open countrysidecal Landscape, planting their mountainous legs just over the Horizon.

this re-Introduction wouldn’t be complete without the fine Tidings of our new drummer, Dave Bucci. just arrived in town from Syracuse, he’s laying down the good grooves and helping us get this band in to full Avalanchemode. we’re all hanging out in a Brooklyn Basement Studio, working on our first record and harvesting the Tunes for our late Autumn public appearances: the NYC Marathon (Bedford/Nassau Corner), NYC’s Arlene’s Grocery (Nov 18th – http://facebook.com/event.php?eid=171794106169997) and Boston’s McGann’s Pub (Dec 10th).

be well and i’ll see you on the Outside.

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