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Category: Photos

Big Mosey played at R-Bar last week with Reserved for Rondee, Male Pattern Badness, and Distoria. Although the whole thing was hashed out last minute, we had a good old time. Such a good time in fact that I feel obliged to share these otherwise unremarkable photos from the evening…

From My Bass

From My Bass

Nick Fokas

Nick Fokas

The View Outside

The View Outside

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Evan and Matt at Punch in Sjoa, Norway

August saw Big Mosey adventuring to Norway. What a beautiful country! We played in Oslo, the small rafting town of Sjoa, and Trondheim. Besides these excellent nights, we traveled around the country side with friends and new friends. If you are ever in the area, the folks over at the Student Society in Trondheim can celebrate an evening like you wouldn’t believe. [Click here for more photos]

Now we’re back in New York, getting ready for some local shows. The big show is Arlene’s Grocery on Thursday Sept 15th, with the whole schedule being:

Sept 10th, Sat: Branded Saloon in Brooklyn
Sept 15th, Thu: Arlene’s Grocery in Manhattan
Sept 24th, Sat: Local 269 in Manhattan

Lastly, we received a great review recently, real kind words:

“It is quite rare for me to write about an act that is unsigned. If I do, then I feel that it must be an act that I must share with you. This is Big Mosey…Get yourself signed, Big Mosey, because I want more of the same please.” -Joseph McLean, The True Joe 90 [Read the full review here:]

See you on the Outside…

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Big Mosey played a free show at the Local 269 back in early December. We were joined by Intergalactic Fighters and some out of town folks for a righteous evening.

a few photos from the night are below:

Big Mosey at the Local 269

Evan Hammer on Bass

Matt Jacobs and David Bucci

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Here lie the photos of Big Mosey playing at Arlene’s Grocery the week before Thanksgiving. Mike Botier’s handiwork of course.

click to see the entire flickr album: Big Mosey at Arlene’s Grocery (Nov 2010)

Big Mosey

Big Tom

This is the end...

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Local 269 has become a bit of a Home for the Baobabs. last week we had our Second show there and we have more planned for August. i handed my camera off the Mike Botier, who went around taking pictures of the evening.

thanks everybody who came out to check out the new band. and send me your pictures [] – i’ll add them to the set.

click to see the entire flickr album: The Baobabs at Local 269 (July 2010)

The Glowing Baobabs

Evan Hammer through sleepy eyes

The Baobabs, One Time Only!

guess we think something is funny

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the weekend before last, my band, The Baobabs, played at Figment – an art festival on governor’s island. i dressed down for the occasion – rocking viking horns and barefeet. the photos below were taken while i wandered around the island before our set.

click to see the flickr album: The Baobabs at Figment NYC 2010

Hammer With Horns

while i was in full stride to make my evening’s final ferry, i passed a couple out on the lawn, shrieking at me to come over and take a picture. they were hysterical about my viking horns – much more enthusiastic than the helmet warranted. stories were shared, and it turned out that the lady had asked her gentlemen to choose a dinner cuisine – when he jokingly said VIKING, she replied (unconvinced by his humor) “that would only be funny if a viking walked by right now…” and ‘right now’ happened to be about 15 seconds before i topped the hill they were facing. really? really.

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