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Tag Archive: edward sharpe and the magnetic zeroes

tonight i thought to myself, yes yes yes i should write a Gonzoreview of the Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros concert i went to on Governor’s Island this week. but i’m in no mood to Fool around so i’m gonna give it to you straight(-Ish). Matt and Jill and i slunk down church street to the toy Ferry building, on line Anthony held a sign saying “one Extra ticket”, which corrected both our lack of Entrance and his Company.

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros at Governor's Island - 7/21/10onwards over water and under sunset, with glowing Gorgeous faces building our swarm, toward gates, concrete, Sand, and stage. (geez, i’ve already Lied to you!)

here’s where i tell you about the opening bands… … … and then Miss Kansas grabbed my hands, screaming that she could read Palms. my left Palm was duly presented, but our previously gleeful relationship turned Sour as she gazed at me with terror, whispering “i dont want to read your Future no more”. i asked her if something Horrible was going to happen, and in all serious and uncontrollable meekness she replied Yes. with Giggles and Smiles i said “maybe it has Already happened.” “No,” she said, “it hasn’t.” she kept repeating “i’m so sorry” and stumbled Away.

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros are a Tribe out on a desert Plateau Celebrating some secret nighttime happenings that we can only guess at…but the Invitation stands and so do we, arms above shooting out into the sky, Wild dancing, singing, and bodies. Jade is Maniacal and Stewart (the trumpeter) is encouraging the Pandemonium. this Abraxas inspired beach scene ends abruptly – orderly folks Vanquishing their previously Chaotic alter egos for ferry rushing body motion.

but Alex, walking out into a now thinning crowd, beckons us to Sit Down with him. after few respond he says, “tomorrow morning you’re gonna say, man i wish i was One of the Ones who sat down,” as if we had burst into his living room to find him lazing on his Rocking Chair, sipping scotch, and gently offering us the opposing seat…with this Invitation we are all in it together, sitting around him on the concrete, as he weeps out ‘Brother’. he says goodnight but doesn’t leave – it’s his Home and he has offered his Companionship until the come down is complete.

and then we began our own Glazey stretch back to Brooklyn, echoes of Prince and the late night postspectacularglow Revelers teasing my perpetual dance syndrome. bellows of Who Do You Love? (i gotta wide brimmed hat with black wire, i gotta ship full of gas on sun fire…), a late night last call mid ferry ride Partially pathetic rendition of American Pie (with Mike Kern tagging along via voicemail), and then the streets betrayed my saning Mind (don’t worry, it was Mutual.)

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last thursday’s last last thursday i Toasted the afternoon and watched the original Alice in Wonderland in a buddy’s apartment. the previous saturday i had been driving home with a friend of mine, having just watched the new one at a Local Theater, we were listening to Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes, it was four in the morning (the Clocks had just changed) and i was Screaming at him that the new one was a Bummer and we had to watch the original right then and there. lucky for me, he had more sense, and an alice in wonderland Hiatus pushed the watching on to thursday.

quick interlude – i promised myself that if i were to write about alice, i wouldn’t Blather on about the new movie, wasting my breathe and your vision, so to make it brief: it wasn’t just a bummer, it was the dreaded ‘Total Bummer’.

from “If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is because everything would be what it isn’t. And contrary-wise; what it is it wouldn’t be, and what it wouldn’t be, it would,” to the crazy colors of Shrinking Alice and the ever Weirding voice of the Chesire Cat (yes yes yes he’s Winnie the Pooh!), we ravaged on two Growlers from Bierkraft and some silly Subwayversations, on and on, of course the Mad Tea Party and “Dont Step on the MOME RATHS!!!”

Don't Step On the Mome Raths

Don't Step On the Mome Raths

and then we were out on the street, soho in the early evening, investigating passing conversations and Howling at the sidewalk, hotdogs and those crazy Outfits, we finally found our outdoor pizzeria but i needed to go, back Underground to brooklyn for musical endeavors.

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