it’s time for a Proper Introduction: The Baobabs, pronounced (by us) as ‘Bow-Babs’, are a Thoughtcrime that Matt Jacobs and I started to Construct back in March. Besides being a hard to Pronounce band name, Baobabs are a type of African tree with crazily fat Trunks. now that we have Electricity provided by Tom Grise on his Guitar and Chris Markwood on his Drum Kit, i’m excited to let you know that we’ll be Playing many more shows and releasing some new Recordings into the World as well.

what do we sound like you might ask? when pressed we say we’re an odd conglomeration of Tom Waits, the Black Keys, Joe Cocker, and Kings of Leon. now if that description is confusing, you have two Options – you can come to our big New York show this Thursday at Arlene’s Grocery (9:30p), which is also my 27th Birthday’s Eve (just in case you need some more convincing).

the details are all here:

or you can hear two recordings that Matt and I made separately before we met: (check out Rocking Chair for the Full Tilt experience of Matt’s Voice.)

be well and i’ll see you on the Outside.

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