hello good Folks. this blog started Appearing (in both my life and some of yours) a few months ago. i usually put together rambling stories, info updates, poems, some photos, but tonight i figured it was about time to post a song i dig.

laying Low after a deVries show at The Charleston, i heard this Righteous tune blaring down at me. i Jotted down a couple of lines: “i aint no miracle worker, oh lord, i aint no miracle man,” and so i found The Brogues’ “I Ain’t No Miracle Worker.” the band existed for One Year and recorded six songs. this gem Leans heavily on the Animals…the vocal Tone is magnificent and the Guitar solo will make you sit down and Take a Breather…

MP3: The Brogues – I Ain’t No Miracle Worker

side note – “Brogues, often known as wingtips in the United States, are low-heeled shoes made of heavy leather, originating in Scotland and Ireland as a coarse, usually untanned leather shoe.”

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