Evan Hammer



"Addictive, unique, and pocketed full of mystery...[the] 'vocal mojo' is off the charts, and despite all this it manages to remain somewhat comical and upbeat."

-Cyrus Rhodes (Muse's Muse)

"A wide range of styles from Barenaked Ladies to The Killers to Elliot Smith...Evan Hammer delivers."

-Mike SOS (Gears of Rock)
On stage, Evan Hammer is a barefoot dancing, riotous bass player. Offstage, he has made a name for himself as a songwriter, crafting his tunes while isolated within his piano room during marathon songwriting sessions. He integrates diverse modern rock songs that vacillate between Killers fever and Elliott Smith resignation, with a strong connection to expressive Bowie-esque melodies and driving Kings of Leon motion. In Bright Day for a Frog's Rebellion (2008), Evan Hammer's debut album, he worked with a variety of singers, musicians, and engineers to create the record including Ben Miller (the Low Anthem), Guy Benny (Locksley), Jack Gauthier (Dispatch, John Hammond), and John Mailloux (Dispatch, Leah Stargazing).
This Brooklyn based musician has spent the last few months traveling up and down the East Coast with his band, Bury Me A Lion, playing shows from Atlanta to Boston, including the Khyber (Philly), the Bitter End (NYC), and the Middle East (Boston). He performed for the Nuthing Summer Collaborative Music Festival in Charlotte, opened for Fun at Northeastern University, and participated in VH1's Break N Through at NYC's Highline Ballroom.

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